Sunday, December 2, 2007

Build Strong Media Relations Well Before You "Need" the Media

I am constantly amazed at how bitterly people complain about the media. Typically, they "don't understand" why the media doesn't report their "news" when they believe they have something important to tell.

This state of affairs is especially acute during a crisis situation, when communicating through the media is often vitally important.

One way to ensure some control over perceptions in these situations is to build strong relationships with the local media over time before the crisis ever happens. This ensures that when a crisis does occur, your media contacts are likely to be more respectful of, and potentially responsive to, the range of issues you are trying to address.

Establishing close media relations well in advance of when you "need" the media can add substantially to your credibility -- you don't want to be viewed running to the media and asking them to carry your water after ignoring them for years.

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