Thursday, June 26, 2008

Former Homeland Security Chief gets $480K -- And I'll bet he doesn't even know the song!

So it seems that former Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge has done what many of our politicians seem to do -- he left government to make the really big bucks as a lobbyist.

Fine, I suppose. But follow the rules. If you are going to represent a foreign government, then register as an agent as required by LAW within the required time frame, and not, say 21 MONTHS LATE(!), as Governor Ridge did for his work on behalf or Albania -- work for which Ridge's firm was paid $480,000 per year (that works out to $40k per month!).

Better, still, the government of Albania could have saved all of that money by just shooting around a YouTube link to their song.

Albania, it seems, "borders on the Adriatic."

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