Monday, September 24, 2007

In defense of PR people

All too often, PR people get a bad rap. The insipidly stupid "Jim Mike, PR Manager for the US Women's Soccer Team" is just the example du jour of PR-bashing.

In my experience, most PR people are real pros, who know how to handle a rough situation with poise, tact and professionalism. Take for example this piece (link below) from YouTube, where some prankster somehow obtained the cell phone number for YouTube's own PR representative, Julie. Sure it's funny. Sure he's "punked" her. And sure, it makes for entertaining watching.

What it also does is point out how totally unflappable, how truly professional and how incredibly patient she is. If public relations is all about connecting with people, Julie flat-out has it down. Take a look:

Remember Julie and her performance under extremely strange circumstances the next time some under-informed or ignorant person calls a PR pro a "flack" or "spin doctor."

(By the way, the "Jim Mike" thing aside, I am a HUGE Rainn Wilson fan, and absolutely love "The Office.")

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