Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fake News is Bad News

Is there ANYONE who thinks that FEMA's fake "press conference" last week was a good idea?

The staged press conference (story here) was called in haste (they knew that the media would need more than the 15 minutes' notice that was provided in order to attend), and actually carried live by MSNBC and Fox News who picked up FEMA's provided video feed (proving that both the left and the right are just as easily duped).

This odorous "event" has been blasted by everyone from the White House on down, including the Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security. Keith Olbermann summed up what most of us think about it on his "Countdown" program.

FEMA is in place to help coordinate a national response to natural disasters wherever they should occur in the US. Too bad they also seem to be manufacturing their own "man made" disasters as well.

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