Monday, November 10, 2008

A plug for "HIMYM" -- perhaps the best written show on TV

So....It's Monday Night and you want to watch some football. I'm OK with that.

But if you aren't that into the match-up (think 49ers at Cardinals), and you can't stand the thought of watching some washed-up celebrities in silly costumes and far too much make-up "Dancing With the Stars," let me recommend perhaps the best written show on television: How I Met Your Mother.

This show is smart, funny, touching, and human, and has one of the best characters that television has EVER seen in Neil Patrick Harris' Barney Stinson.

Who says this show is so great? Well, if you don't trust ME (which you obviously SHOULD), take a look at this article by Miriam Datskovsky, or these show-specific posts by The Star-Ledger's Alan Sepinwall.

And take a look at this promo with all of the "Best Of" Chyrons.

Check this show out -- even if you can't resist watching Warren Sapp in a dancer's outfit. What, you don't have a DVR?

Here are a few of my favorite moments, courtesy of YouTube:

Barney's "Hot/Crazy Scale"

"Slap Bet"

"Barney's Blog" (homage to "Doogie Howser -- almost expect Max Casella to come in through the window)

"Robin Sparkles" music videos (take your pick) "Let's Go to the Mall" or "Sandcastles in the Sand."

"The Bracket"

Barney's "Ode to Bimbos"

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John Lonsdorf said...

John Lonsdorf adds:

Anyone who saw last night's (November 24) HIMYM is SURE to agree that this show is an oasis of great writing and touching character interaction in an otherwise desolate television landscape.

Not only does the show deliver every Monday night, it employs a sophisticated online staff, that ties-in virtually everything that is mentioned on the show, allowing the loyal viewer to really experience the writing nuances.

Case in point: Lilly's "50 Reasons to Have Sex." Time precluded the full list during the half-hour show. But not to be disappointed, the producers allowed us to see the full list -- as scribbled on a MacLaren's Pub napkin. Here it is:

Pure genius.